About the Author

Michel L. Call is the author of Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families, Royal Ancestors of Some American Families, Mayflower Ancestry, and numerous articles in The American Genealogist and other publications. As a founder and director of the Mormon Pioneer Genealogy Society, he was editor of The Mormon Pioneer Genealogist and compiler of the Mormon Pioneer Genealogy Library that has been placed in Boston, Salt Lake City and many western states. He organized and directed the Colonial American Project (a charting of the ancestry of the seven thousand largest Mormon pioneer families, to the year 1500 where possible, who have colonial American forebears).

He has lectured at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston and has spoken at seminars in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and elsewhere. Mr. Call holds an MA from Brigham Young University and has taught high school mathematics in Wyoming and Los Angeles. His ten children and more than thirty grandchildren share descent from thirty-seven of the largest fifty colonial American families and from seven of the three hundred colonists whose proven royal ancestry is fully charted in the Royal Ancestry Bible. He resides in Salt Lake City.