Royal Ancestry Bible

Full 3-Volume Set

The Royal Ancestry Bible, by Michel L. Call, published in 2005, is a 3,400 pedigree chart compilation (plus index and appendix) containing royal ancestors of 300 colonial American families who are themselves ancestors of 70 million Americans. The set contains three hard-bound volumes, 8.5″ x 11″, with 1,224 pages per volume, or a total of 3,672 pages. It represents an attempt to chart all known descents from English or French kings or the Emperor Charlemagne for all colonists who have at least 20,000 American descendants. Many colonists are shown to have hundreds of different descents from the Emperor Charlemagne and to have thousands of known ancestors.

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Condensed Edition with Mormon Pioneer Supplement

The 2006 Condensed Edition is hard-bound, 8.5″ x 11″, and contains 360 pages. The 20-page Appendix in the 2005 publication, which includes ancestry for 22 presidents of the United States and 53 Mormon pioneers, has now been updated and expanded to include the lines of hundreds of additional Mormon pioneers and other prominent persons who are of special interest to the LDS community. This Appendix with Mormon Pioneer Supplement now contains 59 pages in the Condensed Edition

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