Read what others are saying about the full 3-volume, 3672 page Royal Ancestry Bible.

“I received my shipment of books this morning, and I can hardly find the words to express how delighted I am with them. You have done a monumental work with these books, and I cannot praise them highly enough. I would have been willing to pay $1000.00 for them. I have royal ancestry on both of my parents’ sides, and this will add hundreds, if not thousands, of ancestors to my family tree. It will also help correct errors that I’m sure there are plenty of in my files. I will definitely spread the word about them to all my friends who do genealogy, and they can come to my house to see them – but I won’t lend them my books!!!” – Barbara Judd

“A truly massive assimilative effort… presents all known Plantagenet (or early royal English), Capetian or Carolingian descents for 300 immigrants… This set immediately allows probably several million Mormons, and countless other Americans, to trace much of their medieval ancestry; source notes appear on each chart.” – Gary Boyd Roberts

Read what others have said about an earlier 1989 Royal Ancestors book by Michel L. Call.

“Two weeks ago, someone described your work, Royal Ancestors of Some American Families to me. Last week I drove over to the New York City Public Library to examine the set of books. Today, I must take steps to secure a copy for my own library. The quality of scholarship is high – suggesting that you may hold a Ph.D. in some discipline, although not necessarily in Genealogy. The depth of research suggests that you have been dedicated to this project for a great many years – perhaps several decades.” – a writer from Bloomsburg, PA

“While researching my family tree at the Western Reserve Library in Cleveland, Ohio, I cam across your book entitled, Royal Ancestors of Some American Families, copyright 1989, compiled by Michel L Call. I was amazed by the depth of the research on some of the families. Luckily, I’m descended from some of those families. I have run into another book similar to yours by Frederick Lewis Weis. I was much encouraged when I found that book. I was overjoyed when I found your book. I much prefer the layout that you used (family chart) to the sometimes hard to understand “Line” style used in the other book.” – a writer from Alvada, OH

“My customers that have purchased Royal Ancestors of Some American Familiesfrom me are fascinated by it, and I wish to commend you on preparing a book that is not like all the rest of the other books on royalty that seem to be around.” – a book dealer in Los Angeles, CA

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